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Thoughts and ramblings by Alex Lillo, a front-end developer and designer.

These are some of my ramblings, mainly about web design. Maybe the odd one about my hobbies. You may want to find me on Mastodon.

Stop Talking to Each Other and Start Buying Things

You should stop whatever you're doing and spend 15 minutes reading this piece by Catherynne M. Valente about why we are where we are right now. Don’t ever stop talking to each other. It’s what the internet is really and truly for. Talk to each [...]

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From 2009 to 2022

2009 was the last time I worked full time as a front-end developer, until late 2021 when I did another career change and got into it again. Holly Molly how things change in 13 years. Back then Javascript wasn’t even a requirement to do your job. [...]

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Implementing Adobe’s useCalendar with Typescript

Last week we had to change a component at work that allows patients to choose their date for an appointment. Now people would be able to book quite some days in advance, so a calendar seemed the most logical approach for that UI. Creating a [...]

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Just a generational change?

I read somebody saying how a new generation of engineers willing to work longer and harder was displacing the old ones (guess old means anybody over 30). How this was happening now at Twitter and other companies. Simply a generation change. There’s [...]

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The front end dev as communication bridge

What’s the role of a front end developer? Seems pretty obvious, to build a site that people can use to access whatever a company provides, be that information, selling products, etc. But there’s another role front ends can do and it's bridging the [...]

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Your velocity is irrelevant

I did that mistake long ago, caring about story pointing and velocity. It was a new concept to learn and embrace, a new weapon to my increasing toolset. But after years you realise that who cares? Why should a team spend time getting more accurate [...]

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Transitioning to frontend development from design

After many years working as a UX designer, I decided to transition back into frontend development. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but as many others have done before, I just got a job as a full time frontend. No mix designer mix pm mix something [...]

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You say tomato, I say tomeito. Or is it avocado?

You’re in a meeting and the boss says we’re going to redesign the website. Everybody nods as it’s so badly needed. High level plans are discussed and it's clear who’s going to do what and when.  You’ve been in those meetings. Everybody is really [...]

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Back online

This site has been off for a week as I was changing its pants. Gone is Wordpress, tired of endless updates and constant worries about security (plus multiple times I had to deal with attacks).  Now I use Craft to serve the blog, a CMS I’ve used in [...]

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