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Back online

Published: at 12:00 AM

This site has been off for a week as I was changing its pants. Gone is Wordpress, tired of endless updates and constant worries about security (plus multiple times I had to deal with attacks). 

Now I use Craft to serve the blog, a CMS I’ve used in the past to manage the Webcredible’s intranet. It’s simple to use and build and has a good community.

This change was also triggered by a change of hosting. After three years with DigitalOcean, I moved back to a classic managed hosting. I’m pleasantly surprised at how long I kept it going without having a clue of how to manage a server. Tools like Serverpilot have been invaluable but when I had to upgrade to a paid version in order to enable SSL, I could not justify the cost of both. It’s cheaper for me to have a managed hosting and not have to worry about it. 

Now I’m with Krystal hosting, and every query I had has been solved in minutes. Top notch service to far. 

RSS feed change

New CMS means new RSS. The new feed is, in case you still use an old school reader like me.