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Best CPL filter review ever

Published: at 12:00 AM

Whilst checking for a polarised filter for my new lens I found this great review on Amazon. Needless to say I rated it as helpful.

I bought these with the forethought of attaching them to my grizzled mug in a way not too akin to a befuddled Patrick Moore. They are fashionable. Do not get me wrong but alas it was a sad day when I realised that the poor mechanical construct left marks all over my face. I was now being tracked and hunted for sport like a poor man's Logan's Run. I looked like a panda and no doubt a sexy one at that (needless to say there would be no more near extinction if all pandas were as sexy as I). I tried in vain to remove the marks from my face but alas I was tranquillised, stripped and shipped off to the moscow state zoo. I was begrudged and needless to say I was not ashamed that I wept in the muscular, hairy arms of the russian lion tamer. His name was Alfonso. We had a brief and fleeting relationship where he was my strong bamboo and I was his erotic panda. needless to say I was left instantly when Katie Price turned up dressed in leopard print and sporting novelty cat ears. The Harlot. I still rue and lament my time with Alfonso and I left a broken man. Literally. Anyway. I digress. About the filters. You can wear two at once if you like and look like a mooneyed John Lennon and this is by no means a feat to be sniffled at. I'm just saying Kids today don't know fashion when it hits them. Also the front filters stick and you can't put a lens cap on because they're tiny. Rubbish things.
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