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Bringing the blog back to life

Published: at 12:00 AM

It’s been one year since the last time I wrote on this blog. One year in a new country, a new city, agency and language. All in all, a quite intense experience.

Now, a little bit more settled and confident, I feel the need to retake one of my past ideas, merging my normal blog (this one) with my Tumblr. Living together in harmony under a single Nordic Design header.

Given the fact that I live in the UK, and that I still have to improve my English skills, I’m going (try) to write all the contents in English. I think it’s what makes more sense now. Sorry if there is still anyone wishing to read my silly posts and not understanding the Queen’s language.

Accordingly the blog will receive a theme redesign soon, including an interim English-version.

As I did previously, I’ll write mostly about what happens in my daily basis, what I found interesting around, and eventually I’ll try to include something related with UX or Design in general. Some photography will be included too, as I’m learning to use my DSLR.

In the meantime, a reminder of how to subscribe to my blogs: