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Everything is User Experience

Published: at 12:00 AM

Way too often the term User Experience is confined to what information architects and interaction designers do. Sitemaps, wireframes and so on.

To me everything that affects how people interact with a brand is User Experience. From marketing to call centres, even internal processes that ultimately shape the way a product or service is presented to the public. Everything affects the perceived experience.

Here’s an example of how the lack of attention to details is affecting the perceived quality of a product:

ATT U-verse screengrab

TUAW writes: One other funny note: The screenshots above are straight from the official App Store page for AT&T’s official app. Of course the app in the shots is connected to WiFi as well (and you’ll have to be connected to your local WiFi network to use the digital remote features), but anyone else think it’s amusing that AT&T’s own iPhone screenshots don’t show full bars on the connection?
I don’t  think it’s too demanding to ask for full bars, specially when you’re promoting a new app. You should communicate that your signal it’s always excellent.