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Just a generational change?

Published: at 12:00 AM

I read somebody saying how a new generation of engineers willing to work longer and harder was displacing the old ones (guess old means anybody over 30). How this was happening now at Twitter and other companies. Simply a generation change.

There’s a lot of truth in that. People joining the work market often lack the understanding of how capitalism works. How the hard working engineers are just a replaceable cog in a modular system designed to fulfil one objective: enrich the owner at the top.

Some dream becoming that owner at the top and while one or two may achieve that, the rest fail to see that 99% of those owners they admire had an unfair advantage. They started already near the top, placed by their families deep pockets be that blood diamonds, hedge funds or whatever.

As they get burned by a system that demands moarrr from their dispensable pawns they realise that maybe, their own lives are also worth something. That they are used and discarded and that maybe it’s not worth spending all your energy making your boss filthy rich while you get some spare change and if lucky, a pat at the back.

Fortunately looks like the new generation is much more aware of that reality, more that mine was at the time. Less willing to accept the status quo and continue feeding meat to the capitalism grinder.

Others happily carry the long working hours badge while sitting on the meat grinding conveyor belt.