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Migrating a Xbox Live account (or at least trying to)

Published: at 12:00 AM

I have an issue with my Xbox LIVE account. I signed up with their service years ago when I was living in Spain. Then I moved to the UK, but for Microsoft I still live in Spain. Apparently you can’t move countries. It’s like an unthinkable idea. Why would you like to move to another place?

Anyway, it was quite annoying to have my Xbox 360 half in English (system language) and half in Spanish (as soon as I sign in to my LIVE account). But hey, there’s worst things in the world.

Then Microsoft launched the Xbox apps. I was quite excited about them, as now I could catch-up on my favourite shows, without changing cables, all directly in my TV. Easy peasy.

But hold on a second. You live in Spain! (damn you Microsoft, I don’t!). So you can’t download the 4oD, Demand5, etc apps. You’re only allowed to download the Spanish ones. And oh, now that I check, actually your ip comes from outside Spain, which means I can’t deliver you this content.

In summary, I’m quite pissed off with Microsoft. Their new apps are great, but not for a Gold account customer like me (4 years in a row now).

I’ve send another complain asking them to migrate my account, but I know what is going to be their answer. No. That’s agains the rules.