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Wonderland: The Real Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

Published: at 12:00 AM

I love planes. Actually I do love everything that flies. And I came from a country that makes all the possible and impossible efforts to avoid its citizens to enjoy the sky, Spain. Where getting a pilot license its utterly expensive and there’s stupid regulations everywhere to make your life impossible.

But for what I’ve seen, UK is flying friendly. There’s hundreds of smalls airfields. Flying clubs. Dozens of Air Shows in summer. Of course they got the Battle of Britain, so it’s normal that British are proud of the RAF and learn to love planes.

Even though, I still get surprised every time I watch a TV programme about aviation. Civil, militar, historic… it’s quite easy to find one.

And I love that a programme about microlights enthusiasts flying a rally is filmed around the passion and the human histories, and not about oh look at that odd people doing weird things.

If you like aviation, don’t miss Wonderland, Episode 4 on the BBC iPlayer.